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About Loongese

Loong, also known as the Chinese Dragon, is a legendary creature of Chinese mythology and folklore. Traditionally, Loong symbolizes powerful and propitious powers, especially by controlling water and rainfall. Thus, from the "Ancestral Loong" to the generations of emperors in China, it is often used as a symbol of imperial power and strength. Moreover, loong is a cultural symbol of the Chinese, who are said to be "the descendants of the loongs". Derived from all the above, the creation of "Loongese" is out.

Based on eastern culture and referring to other outstanding cultures, Loongese.com is committed to building a spiritual home and art space for community neighbors and international people. Its purpose is to showcase the essence of various cultures and to integrate the inner world of Asian immigrants in this multiple-culture environment.

On loongese.com, you can gain thoughts from the sages all over the world, get motivated from outstanding figures, and share stories and experiences with local friends. Furthermore, Loongese is to promotes local culture, art, entertainment and offline activities, to build social circles for local Canadian artists and international friends, as well as to help immigrants get involved better into local communities and society.

Currently, Loongese gallery focuses on tea, artworks and paintings, and media of loongese.com is composed of five thematic sections:

  • Hall of Fame - Outstanding Asian figures who made extraordinary contributions to local communities and the whole society in modern times;
  • Heritages - World cultural heritages and customs;
  • Pantheon - Eastern sages who made outstanding contributions to China and the world;
  • Sages - Western sages who enlightened the world;
  • Forum - Communication platform linked to the Grand View Garden of The Story of the Stone and related characters.
  • I hope you enjoy what is offered here, stay here and contribute your comments and wisdom to help us improve and serve you better. Thank you!

    The Founder of Loongese: Zhang, Guodong

    Chinese Dragon