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About Loongese

Loongese is committed to building a creative art space to promote multiculture, art, entertainment and offline activities.

Furthermore, Loongese is a reliable supplier of high-quality and diverse teas, a retailer of Leonidas Chocolates from Belgium, a relaxing tearoom for Gongfu tea ceremony, and a boutique for exotic art wares and diverse paintings.

Loong, also known as the Chinese Dragon, is a legendary creature of Chinese mythology and folklore. Traditionally, loong symbolizes powerful and propitious powers, especially by controlling water and rainfall. Thus, from the "Ancestral Loong" to the generations of emperors in China, it is often used as a symbol of imperial power and strength. Moreover, loong is a cultural symbol of the Chinese, who are said to be "the descendants of the loongs". Derived from all the above, the creation of "Loongese" is out.

Based on eastern culture and referring to other outstanding cultures, Loongese is committed to building a creative space to showcase the essence of various cultures.

I hope you enjoy what is offered from Loongese, contribute your comments and wisdom and help us improve. Thank you!

The Founder of Loongese: Zhang, Guodong