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Integrating the Essence of the West, Enjoying the Beauty of the East

Loongese originated from the Hanloong Cultural Management Consulting Company founded by Mr. Guodong Zhang in an apartment on Tsinghua campus, Beijing in 2005. During the 6 years of Hanloong's operation in China, Guodong led the team and traveled across China, combined extensive culture with an in-depth understanding of specific business, and shaped dozens of cultural projects in various regions by challenging the conventional approaches. These projects were deeply integrated with tea, ceramics and paintings, and broke through the boundaries between tradition and fashion, culture and commerce, aestheticism and practice, thus opening a new road and a new field for the creative culture industry.

In 2010, Guodong was invited as a partner of Peking University Management Consulting Group, one of the biggest consulting companies in China. In the same year, he visited the U.S. as a member of the delegation to exchange creative ideas with experts and scholars from Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, and McKinsey's New York office.

In 2011, Guodong immigrated to Montreal, Canada. Based on the experience in Chinese cultural and creative projects, Guodong gradually integrated into the living and cultural environment of Canada, especially Quebec, and built the website of Loongese in 2016 to distribute Eastern culture. In 2019, Loongese extended to offline and a creative culture space was built in Laval. By using tea, ceramics, and paintings as carriers, Loongese is dedicated to presenting authentic Oriental culture and bridging the West and the East. Using Loongese as a starting point, we hope to let more local residents better perceive and experience oriental culture and enrich cultural aspects and cultural life for the local community.

The following are the 12 classic creative cultural projects that Guodong directed in China. We hope that through these projects, you can feel the origin of Loongese in tea, ceramics,paintings and oriental traditional culture, and enjoy the mysterious charm of oriental culture.

  • 创意咨询

    Spouting Spring Park

  • 品牌策略

    Theme Hall of Tang Dynasty

  • 文化战略

    Celadon Museum of Song Dynasty

  • 整合营销

    Forest Park of Qinhuangdao

  • img05

    ZhuYeQing Tea Company

  • 会展旅游

    Huguang Guild Hall

  • 教育培训

    Xieyuda at Mount Huang

  • 跨文化管理咨询

    Wuyutai Tea Company

  • 创意咨询

    Shunxing Tea House

  • 跨文化管理咨询

    Chengdu Courtyard

  • 创意咨询

    Laoshe Tea House

  • 创意咨询

    Intercontinental Lhasa Hotel