Ceramic Arts of Celina

Most beautiful, rigid and ancient substance on earth, stones, represents the complexities and transformations of its long life. Yet the simple forms of the beauties teach us coexistence, acceptance, patience, inner peace, memory, and humbleness

Ceramic Arts of Celina are inspired by the ancient philosophy that natural stone teach us. Every step of productions are thought through to create the depth.

Celina Kang, a ceramic artist and interior designer. She works from functional potteries to ceramic art works and interior designs in Canada, aims for simple designs with clean lines and raw textures that inspired by natures, and passionately works to create tactile contrasts between inner and outer surfaces as a symbol of natures and human’s delicate skills and creativities.

​Celina admires ceramics as a mediator between human’s creativities and universe. Great ceramic works are always born when two elements are equally respected. Ceramics give meaningful lessons about coexistence and balance.

Now available at Loongese, Galeries Laval

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