Mr. Wei • GanZe Yao

Mr. Wei was born in the Northern Zhou Dynasty and his family was in State of Song. In addition to studying Confucian classics, he is also proficient in music theory. In the early years of the Sui Dynasty, he traveled to Guanyou, and was catching up with the Tai Chang Si ministry to assess and select music talents. The officials who participated in the commentary had different opinions. They heard that Mr. Wei was here, so they went to visit and ask for advice. Mr. Wei took out his standard musical instrument, judged the pitch in detail with the music officials Lin Kui and Cai Ziyuan, and then adjusted the pitch and scale of the bell, string and bamboo instruments correctly. The Tai Le official who charged music prepared two hundred silk fabrics for him as a reward. Mr. Wei didn’t want to be an official, so he returned home and used drinking and playing piano as entertainment.

At the end of the Sui Dynasty, when the war broke out, Yang Xuangan was defeated, and Li Mi, who advised him, fled to Yanmen. He stayed anonymous and became a teacher. Mr. Wei was in the same village with him. Have contact with each other. They often discussed music together, and Li Mi was also very knowledgeable in music. Mr. Wei joked with him: “I see you look depressed, your eyes are scattered, your heart is conflicted, and your words are hesitant. The frustration is because you have just been defeated, the distracted eyes are because you have nowhere to find refuge, the contradictions in your heart are because you are undecided, and you hesitate because you are afraid that others will know that you have given rebellion. Now that the remnant rebels is being searched, are you not a good person? ”

Li Mi jumped up in surprise, holding Mr. Wei’s hand and saying: “Since you know, can’t you save me?” “Mr. Wei said: “You do not have the spirit of an emperor, nor the talent of a general. You are just a rash hero who disrupts society.” Li Mi said: “You have seen through the origin of my identity, and I should retire from now on. “Mr. Wei said:” A person who can become an emperor has a heart full of heaven and earth, and majesty shocks the past and the present. He does not pay attention to the trivial things in life, but only knows to promote the development of the times and establish and consolidate political power. Emperor Yao sought the opinions of Siyue, the prince in charge of the Quartet, and Siyue recommended Gun to treat the water. Gun did not succeed in treating the water for nine years and was killed by Emperor Shun in Yushan. All these were selfless. The Han Dynasty appointed Zhang Liang, Xiao He, and Han Xin to adopt their strategy to eliminate Xiang Yu’s siege at Gaixia, also because of selflessness. Therefore, the phoenix has claws and sharp mouths but is not used as an offensive weapon, and the unicorn has fierce toes but never use it. The emperor’s spirit is the one who can control the fate and follow the trend of the times.

As generals, planting banners in front of the tabernacle, leading the army to maintain social stability and put down the rebels who are guilty of the people. Since accepting weapons, mastering military power, and assuming responsibility, just like Ji Liang’s power, we must cherish the army, wait at ease for an exhausted enemy, open up wasteland to raise troops, and deploy the army according to the enemy’s movements, so we can control the war situation. Like a tiger roaring in the wind and dragon rising in the cloud, no one can resist his power and momentum. Confucius said, I am invincible in war. Mencius said, nobody can defeat me. This is the general talent! That is to say, only those who are talented, and who use their opportunities for the public and the country, can become generals. Those who act for themselves can only be called rebels and robbers. Those who serve personal interests will inevitably rob property and beauty and kill innocent people indiscriminately.

Zhu Hai was respected and was invited to the front seat, and Fan Kuai was invited to the hall because of his bravery. Gongsun, who advocated that one knows the truth in the morning and dies at night without regret, was finally defeated in the town.

How could Cao Cao, who believed that he would rathe negate the whole world than the whole world to negate me, annex the whole world?  It is to forget the gift of a thousand dollars, think of a meal of grace, then there is a grateful person in his heart, but no bosom to contain the masses.

Lu Shi warned that to measure one’s virtue and ability, Lian Shan’s article advocated waiting for the opportunity. Conspiring to rebel for others is not good for oneself. Heaven and the people are opposed to war, and the change of dynasties is regular. Just like the heavy rain in the sky clearing away the evil spirits and the sun coming out to melt the ice, take the rope to tie the tiger, don’t hope to be successful to a rabbit. Entering into the water with a bottle, how is it a safe place?  I have observed that there will be sages in the Fenjin area. If you can go to work, you can get rich and power. ”

Li Mi took his clothes and said: “Emperor Yangdi of the Sui Dynasty killed his father and gained the whole world. I set an example for people by virtue. If I succeed I will get an empire. If I cann’t succeed, I can make myself as a king in one place. I can’t bear to stay here wronged. You’re such a nerd that you’re not good enough to discuss big things together.” Li Mi and Mr. Wei had no contact since then.

As he wrote treasonous poems on the walls of his house, li Mi was discovered by local officials and fled west. He recruited troops and built numerous camps by Liyang in the north and Luokou in the south. He fought with Wang Yun for three years and finally failed. Then he remembered What Mr. Wei had said, so he submitted to the Tang Dynasty and was appointed as an agricultural officer named Sinong. Later, he started another rebellion in Taolin.

Mr. Wei was a man of great learning and accomplishment. His name and actions were not recorded. He was actually the family of Wei Zheng.






为人父者 言传须先效行 以身作则
为人师者 克勉常新方能解人惑
为人将者 不战而屈人兵 战无不克
为人君者 千古兴亡鉴成此说

心志如山岳巍峨 高峻而不动 树威德
抚民以仁待臣以礼 身范仪六合
胸怀有容似江河 腾云生春雨 万物泽


为人父者 言传须先效行 以身作则
为人师者 克勉常新方能解人惑
为人将者 不战而屈人兵 战无不克
为人君者 千里山河鉴成此说

世象皆揽为我镜 可以明得失 知废兴
察民之艰纳臣之谏 忠言正视听
教化定邦制礼乐 广庇八方客 结友邻

千载兴衰由谁评 雁山白日照 皓月明

心志如山岳巍峨 高峻而不动 树威德
抚民以仁待臣以礼 身范仪六合
教化定邦制礼乐 广庇八方客 结友邻









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