Japanese Tea Ceremony

A beautiful afternoon and amazing music at Loongese Home. Tea, artwork and paintings are integrated at Loongese perfectly.
Thanks ❤️ Reina Cynthia Sakao ❤️Misao Tsutsumi ❤️Jacinthe Ma ❤️Annouchka Gravel Galouchko ❤️Sylvie Castonguay❤️

Thank ❤️ every guest for visiting Loongese.

Merci beaucoup!
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在Loongese 享受一个美好的下午和美妙的音乐。 茶,艺、画完美地融合在Loongese。
谢谢❤️ReinaCynthia Sakao❤️MisaoTsutsumi❤️JacintheMa❤️AnnouchkaGravel Galouchko❤️SylvieCastonguay❤️



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