Building a Bridge – Tea, Zen and Mysterious Orient

The exhibition named Building a Bridge – Tea, Zen and Mysterious Orient by the artist Annouchka Gravel Galouchko will be presented from November 17 to December 15. In addition to the artist’s works, several kinds of tea, potteries and some Asian artworks are on sale, making great gifts for the holiday season. Several free activities focusing on tea, pottery, and art will allow visitors to experience time-honoured Asian culture and the charm of the mysterious Orient.

跨越文化之橋,一次關於茶與禪、藝術和心靈的特別聚會。11月17日,Annouchka 東方情節特別畫展即將開幕。

The eye of Annouchka is Zen, and she has full of imagination of mysterious eastern.

“I have so many stories and memories in my head”

Annouchka was born in Montreal. She lived in several foreign countries, including Iran, Egypt, Mexico and Austria. By her early twenties, Annouchka had developed her own style of painting and held several exhibitions. She gained formal training at the University of Quebec, obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1990. The next year she won “First prize for an unpublished work” at the Salon d’Illustration in Montreal.

It is important to follow your dreams. And always express yourself from the inside out.”

Her pictures are colorful, multi-sensory, mystical and complex, reflecting layers of understanding.

Apart from being a talented painter, Galouchko enjoys singing and playing the flute. She has an excellent ear, and at one time played music for a living.

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